Pay Less, USA


March 2016


Guam, US


3 Pressurised Ripening Rooms 650ft² Holding Room



Advanced Ripening Technologies was contracted by Payless Supermarket in Guam in late 2015 to provide a Turnkey solution for 3 pressurised ripening rooms and 650ft² holding room. Each ripening room has a maximum capacity of 10 pallets (480 boxes) but rooms are equipped with vertical buffers and air closure system to allow partial loading.

Advanced Ripening delivered all materials including –
  • Kingspan insulated panelling c/w all trims and fixings
  • Refrigeration equipment, pipework & fittings
  • Interko evaporators and air closure system
  • Gas tight sectional doors
  • Ventilation system
  • UL control panel
  • Touch screen control system c/w air, product, C2H4, C02 & RH sensors
  • Floor kerbs, cooler support and all necessary fixings
Advanced Ripening visited the site to install the specialised coolers, air closure system, gas tight doors & commission the whole system. The project was completed on schedule in March 2016.

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